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As most small business know accounting and bookkeeping
can be a nightmare.  To provide relief we offer monthly or
quarterly accounting so you can concentrate on running your
business.  This service is ideal for clients who want to
ensure that their business finances are up to date, accurate,
and easy to understand.

This service also comes with integrated (CPA
prepared) tax and business planning which helps
identify areas of opportunity or risk that can make or
break your business.

Further we can combine these services with our tax
preparation and payroll processing services, which can
provide you with a one stop shop for all your accounting
related needs.

Accounting / Bookkeeping Features Included:

  1. Monthly/Quarterly Financial Statement Preparation
  2. Unlimited phone and email support
  3. In person meetings as needed
  4. Fixed Rate Pricing (no surprise bills or charges)
  5. Integrated Year Around Tax planning
  6. Integrated Year Around Business Planning
  7. Bank Reconciliations
  8. Bill Payment Processing (optional)
  9. Invoice Processing (optional)
  10. A/R Support, & Customer Tracking
  11. A/P Support, & Vendor Tracking
  12. Asset Tracking
  13. Budget Comparison/Analysis
  14. Account Variance Analysis
  15. All work is performed in house (we don't offshore or
    outsource any work)
  16. All work is reviewed or prepared by a CPA

If these sound like the services and expertise you need
then don't hesitate and
contact us today!
Accounting and Bookkeeping Service Features
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Retainer Support - Ideal solution for
relatively new businesses with periodic
accounting and tax questions.  Year
around phone and email support along
with mid-year tax planning is provided.

Semi-Annual Accounting - Ideal
solution for clients with limited budgets
but need actionable accounting
information prior to tax deadlines.  
Accounting services are performed
semi-annually with mid-year tax
planning services.

Quarterly Accounting - Ideal solutions
for most small businesses that need
actionable accounting information at
quarterly intervals. Year around tax
planning is provided with phone, email,
and meeting support.

Monthly Accounting - Ideal solution for
businesses that need accounting
information in real time (or who have
significant activity). Year around tax
planning is also provided along with
phone, email, and meeting support.

Monthly Accounting (with Bill Pay) -
Ideal solution for businesses that want all
the same benefits of our monthly
accounting services along with the ability
to outsource most of their accounts
payable functions.
Typical Accounting Packages   
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